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Sc:CIRCLE ~ 11th December ~ The Incense Edition


A space for women to come and be supported by the wisdom and courage of other women.

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The Incense Edition

The practice of burning incense is an ancient one.  It is said that the fragrant smoke acts as a spiritual broom, eliminating inpurities and creating an environment that is sacred and conducive to spiritual connections and experiences. 

Tonight we will sit in sacred circle begining with a Blue Lotus Tea ceremony before creating our own incense cones infused with our intentions and magic.  

If you feel called to it, you are welcome to bring along any essential oils, dried herbs or plants that you would like to add to your own incense.  All raw materials will be supplied.  Please bring a small container to take your incense home in. 

A space for women to come and be supported by the wisdom and courage of other women.

For centuries women have met in Circle to connect, celebrate and be in community.  Sc:CIRCLE is an invitation to drop into your heart and the collective heart of the group to explore pathways of healing, intuition, sacred ritual and authentic expression.

What you can expect at an Sc:CIRCLE:

Whilst we follow a structure to keep each Circle in integrity to serve all who attend, individual Circles will have their own flavour or essence depending on the intention and energy bought to the Circle, as well as seasonal cycles, events and requests from the collective.

As with all Self Ceremony offerings, Sc:CIRCLE will blend together Ancient Wisdoms and Modern Sciences to cultivate a deeper connection with your true nature and purpose and facilitate self awareness, healing, growth and transformation.

Sc:CIRCLE is for women who are curious about exploring their spiritual connection (however that shows up for them), who love a little magic and “woo” mixed with neuroscience, who are seeking a community to belong to, who are ready to be challenged and held accountable for their own growth and transformation and who want to be seen as the powerful women they are – even if they don’t feel like it all the time.

What to bring to an Sc:CIRCLE:

  • Anything to make yourself comfortable sitting on the floor – some yoga bolsters are available
  • Your favourite mug, if you prefer to use your own – a range of herbal teas are provided
  • Anything you would like to place on the altar to charge with the group heart
  • Your favourite journal and writing tools
  • A sense of curiosity, openness, play and vulnerability
  • PLUS … an email will be sent out the night before if there is anything specific for that event.

Sc:CIRCLE is held at Peak Aerial Fitness, 127 Bussell Highway in Busselton on a Monday evening every 4 weeks ~ please ensure you are purchasing a ticket for the event you wish to attend.

** Please note that tickets are non-refundable however can be transferred to the next event **


Event Facilitator : Elissa Wilson

Self Ceremony is the umbrella under which Elissa plays and creates ceremony based events.  Sc:CIRCLE is a community based offering designed to give back to women looking for support and connection.

Elissa’s strong and grounded spirit has allowed her to indulge her passion for adventure, learning and travel.  Supported by her successful small business enterprise, she has spent seven years exploring and studying differing modalities in the field of personal growth, spanning Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science.  Included have been three separate coaching certifications in Sex, Love & Relationships, Trauma & Attachment Informed and Experiential Life Coaching alongside countless ceremonies and rituals.  Elissa has the innate skill to draw the polarities of these different yet deeply connected worlds together in her gentle and deep practice.

Her calm and aware presence when working with clients instils trust and allows them freedom to explore the deeper meanings and expressions of their life when they are seeking to understand themselves better.  Her coaching style stems from a values based framework, with strong foundations in humanistic psychology, that blends beautifully with her more holistic and spiritual practice.

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