For a millenia people have seeked out Oracles for guidance and wisdom.  Often speaking in riddles and vague metaphorical passages.  The seeking of knowing outside of ourselves is well established.  

Now though is the time to begin to seek within!  To become your own ORACLE.  As you connect with the practice of reading your own ORACLE cards you will develop a sense of certainty in your own innate wisdom and knowledge.

Sc:ORACLE is an invitation to seek and connect with your own inner knowing.  You will become your own ORACLE creating the beginning of your own personal deck of ORACLE cards.  At Sc:ORACLE you will learn the art of creating Sigils, powerful images that hold the energetic blueprint of the value, emotion or theme of the words being used.  Each Sigil will be drawn onto its own card to be added to your growing deck.

Tickets Include

Creating Sacred Space

Grounding and Intention Setting

Opening Circle

Connecting with values, emotions and themes

Learning the are of Sigil making

Creating your own ORACLE cards

ORACLE Reading Ceremony

Integration, Journaling ad Sharing

Closing Circle

Light grounding refreshments and tea

10 ORACLE cards curated by you

After event support

What Are You Waiting For? Come and join us in Ceremony!