Whilst there are many amazing plant medicines gaining more and more awareness for their amazing healing, transformative and often psychedelic properties, they are also often hard to come by and illegal. 

Enter the little known realm of easily accessible, gentle and just as extraordinary medicinal plants, that if you are open to journeying with them, can impart their own messages of wisdom, healing and transformation. 

Open yourself to the unexpected ways which are available to you to journey with plants.  They may not produce the illicit ‘trips’ of psilocybin or DMT however their medicine is no less powerful and much more readily accessible.  Sc:JOURNEY is an invitation to connect with a plant that calls to you and experience a JOURNEY in a way that you are intuitively guided to work with it.

Tickets Include

Creating Sacred Space

Grounding and Intention Setting

Opening Circle

Connecting with Plant Energies

Explore different ways to JOURNEY with plants

Intuitively choosing a plant to JOURNEY with

Plant JOURNEY Ceremony

Integration, Journaling ad Sharing

Closing Circle

Light grounding refreshments and tea

Kit for Self JOURNEY Ceremony at home

After event support

What Are You Waiting For? Come and join us in Ceremony!