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Self Ceremony Events

Self Ceremony is all about creating intimate and sacred events for women to come together and be witnessed as powerful Sovereign beings.  Each event has it's own unique end result whilst also fostering inner connection to your creative orientation.  Events are all hosted through Humanitix where you will find full descriptions and event information as they become available.

Self Ceremony Event - CIRCLE

A Monthly Women's Community Circle held every 4 weeks on a Monday evening in Busselton.  

A space for women to be supported by the wisdom and courage of other women.

Self Ceremony Event - ORACLE

Tap into your own Innate Wisdom, becoming your own Oracle through the art of Sigil Creation.

Begin to intuitively create your own personal Oracle deck in this sacred ceremony.

Self Ceremony Event - STEAM

Celebrate your Divine Feminine Essence through the art of Yoni Steaming.

Intuitively create your own herbal blend and steam in circle in this sacred ceremony. 

Self Ceremony Event - JOURNEY

Hear the whisper of plants and the Medicine they have to share as you Journey with them.

Intuitively connect with the soul of the plant that calls to you in this sacred ceremony. 

Self Ceremony Event - ESSENCE

Discover your unique Essential Essence through the art of Aromatherapy.  

Intuitively create your own annointing oil during this sacred ceremony.

Self Ceremony Event - PRIVATE

Would you like to add sacred ceremony to your next event or function? 

Connect with me to create a ceremony that aligns with your special day. 

Praise and Testimonials



It has been the most profound healing experience I have ever had.



I feel so much more connected within than I have ever before.  And now I know how to access this again.



I was really held through a tough time and was supported to lean into myself.  I am forever grateful for that.

The Inside Scoop ... 

Self Ceremony is expanding to offer a bespoke series of ceremony based events in the later part of 2023 and early 2024.  Each event will be limited to just 8 sacred spaces for the first offering to ensure the integrity of the structure.  These spaces will be offered at very special presale prices and only available to women on the email list.

If you are interested in any of the offerings of Self Ceremony, please sign up to the email list.  As the business grows and evolves you will be given the ability to choose the content you wish to receive or not.  It is my intention to only provide you with information and content that resonates with you. 

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Our Story

Self Ceremony is a remembering and a coming home to who we truly are.  A celebration of our true innate nature.  We promote living heart centered, soul led lives from our creative orientation as we are all masterful creators, even if we may have forgotten it. 

We understand that we do not have souls.  We are souls.  And through remembering this and finding ways to integrate our souls more fully within our physical bodies, we live much more empowered and fulfilling lives. 

Join the Self Ceremony Community ... 

You are not an island.

Humans thrive when connected to other humans who share common values and visions.  

Self Ceremony is a community of humans living their true nature and purpose.