Self Ceremony ~ Come Home to You

Welcome to Self Ceremony

Self Ceremony is a returning to our own sovereignty.  It's a celebration of knowing that we are our own powerful creator even though we may have forgotten.  It's a way to connect with our true nature and our bodies so that we can participate in the whole human experience creating the life we want.

Self Ceremony Bridge

Feature The Bridge

Self Ceremony is the bridge between spirit and what's possible in your current reality.

Through unwinding the conditioning and programming we've all encountered since birth, that has resulted in us forgetting who we truly are, we can reawaken what we already innately know but have not been able to arrive at - that we are a creative genius and powerful creator capable of previously unimaginable possibilities.

Self Ceremony Burning Sage

Feature Ancient Wisdoms

In times past our Ancestors knew the power of connection, ritual and ceremony.

Self Ceremony is an invitation to tap into the same power as our Ancestors.  They knew that we hold deep wisdom in our bodies and are connected to all time and space through our higher self or soul.  Explore the many ways you can connect more deeply with yourself through ceremony.

Self Ceremony Brain

Feature Modern Sciences

Developments in neuroscience are now confirming the capacity we have as humans to create.

With developments in such areas as Polyvagal Theory and Trauma Responses we have a deeper understanding of the ways in which our nervous system relays and transmits information through our brains and bodies.  Understanding these connections allows us to foster acceptance and compassion as we build nervous system flexiblity.

Feature Alchemy

Turning your metaphorical lead into gold is all in mastering your focus.

Alchemy is a seemingly magical process of transformation and creation that requires you live as the powerful creator that you are.  Explore how to become the Alchemist in your own life through the Art of Self Ceremony. 

Self Ceremony Alchemy

Join the Self Ceremony Community ... 

You are not an island.

Humans thrive when connected to other humans who share common values and visions.  

Self Ceremony is a community of humans living their true nature and purpose.