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Elissa Wilson

Self Ceremony is a space for you to be seen as the powerful Sovereign Creator that you are, even if you don't feel like it all the time.  

It is a space for remembering that the answers you seek are not outside of yourself.  They are within.  Self Ceremony is a platform empowering your own self exploration and realisation.

elissa wilson~creator


About Self Ceremony 

Come home to who you truly are through sacred ceremony and ritual.  Remember and connect as the powerful Sovereign Creator that you are.  Learn more about what Self Ceremony is here



Self Ceremony is all about live in-person events and you can find out all about them here.



If you would like to host an event in your area, are looking for a guest facilitator, someone to interview for your podcast or would just like to hang out ... I'd love to hear from you.  Connect with me here.

About Elissa

I had an awakening of sorts.  It wasn't any one moment or event.  Just a lingering feeling building over years that, at the time, felt like something was missing.  So I went in search of that elusive missing piece.  But it wasn't missing.  Or broken.  Or lost.  I had just forgotten.  Self Ceremony is a remembering and a coming home to who we truly are.  A celebration of our true innate nature.  Are you ready to journey with me? Work with me 1 to 1 here.


Working with Elissa is like having a soothing balm for the soul, the spirit and your psyche!! The journey she takes you on is like coming home to your authentic true nature and essence.  It has been the most profound healing experience I have ever had.

monica vogt -psychotherapist

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